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A word from our Founder

On 13 December 2003, Villains Clan will celebrate their first anniversary. This is a brief history of how it all started and where we are today.


I had been playing Sam on-line for about 6 months and had reached a fairly good standard. Id also received many offers to join other clans. I just had this thought in my mind of starting a clan that would uphold the values that were important to me: Honesty, Fair Play and Sportsmanship.


The Name Villains, although I never publicize this fact, actually comes from my favourite (English) football team: Aston Villanicknamed the Villains. The colour of their shirts is also claret and blue, hence our colours.


Recruiting members was actually quite easy. I knew a lot of the on-line gamers so I simply invited the ones that had the right qualities into the clan. A couple of them were very difficult to convince but have turned out to be fantastic members. You know who you are!


We have gradually grown in size and respect during our first year. We now are probably the largest Serious Sam Clan and our Forum at GameMecca is also set to become the largest very soon. We are also the most multi-national clan with members from all over Europe and America.


All members deserve, and have my sincere gratitude for continuing to build our clans respect. I would also like to give special thanks to the following for their extra work within the clan:


Death Sentence: Definitely our most improved player. He would now rank amongst the very best that have ever played Serious Sam.


Fantum: (The Rock) Always dependable and has helped tremendously in keeping the values of the clan. Also, along with FantumWitch started this website.


Strongbad: Apart from being the Hole master, His technical skills have been invaluable.


Crazy Idiot: A superb player and provider of our European server.


Huggy: A relatively new member with superb skills and has made many signatures and avatars for our members. He also provides a server.


Slay: One of our best players and the only Tournament Co-Ordinator never to have organized a tournament. 


Fred Bear: Another rock, unassuming and just gets on with the job. Simply a great guy. He has provided countless wallpapers and signatures for all members. He also now looks after this web site and is doing a tremendous job.


Poert: My first member and a truly great player.


Die Hard





Are you in the number #1 Club yet?  Take your time, and keep improving on the game.  The Villains coined the phrase "#1 Club"  and proudly displays the ranking within the Gamemecca Forums.  All you have to do is, make it to the number 1 position on CSports.net, get it verified by another Villain, and you will be able to put the notice in your signature block.  Keep up the good work and good luck in the games.

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****GREAT NEWS!!!!****
Villains wallpapers available from our very own Fred Bear.  Fred and Huggy have been making the signature banners for the members of Villains Clan and now has a few wallpapers to offer.  Just contact them in the forums or PM him or go to the wallpaer page.

Click here to request your Wallpapers!



Happy One Year Anniversary Villains
First of all, thanks to Die Hard, our Founder for creating one of the greatest Clans ever!  The Villains have grown to be one of the best and largest clans known and we continue to grow into our first year anniversary.  It was Die Hards vision and leadership that enabled the Villains to be known as what it is today.  And thanks to all of the Villains who have made this clan great.  Everyone has had a hand in leading the Villains into our 2nd year and they should all be proud of their accomplishments.  A special thanks to the Admins at Gamemecca.net for all of their assistance and support over the past year for allowing us to have our very own forums within the Gamemecca community.  Gamemecca has really made us feel at home and we really appreciate everything they have done for us. 
As long as the game Serious Sam is played, and we have a home with Gamemecca, I think the Villains will continue to be one of the great clans on the internet.  Continue to march Villains, and continue to kick butt in the games and above all, have fun, for that is what it is all about. 
Thanks for listening.           -Fantum